Freelance scenographer for theatre and film


Born: 22. 04. 1972
Studies: 1979-1990 Tallinn English College
1990-1995 Estonian Art Academy, dep. of scenography
2002 MA degree in Scenography, Estonian Art Academy
2012 PhD degree, University of Paris 8/Estonian Art Academy

Posts: 1992-1994 designer of Makarov Music Management
1995-2003 chief scenographer in Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia)
2008-2009 chief scenographer in Estonian National Opera
2009-2010 Centre Georges Pompidou

(+33) 6 21 74 28 19
(+372) 50 169 22
6, rue de la Grange aux Belles, Paris 75010, France


for pictures, see: Keevallik


G. Donizetti “Don Pasquale” (1992, Estonian National Opera)
J. Massenet “ Don Quijote” (1995, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
G. Bizet “Carmen” (1998, Estonian National Opera)
(1999, Estonian National Opera & Idée Fixe, Ooidonk, Liège, La Hulpe, Belgium)
(2000, Estonian National Opera & Idée Fixe, Pafos, Cyprus)
(2007, Estonian National Opera, Dalhalla, Sweden)
G. Bizet / P. Brook “La Tragédie de Carmen” (2007, IdéeFixe, Brussels, Belgium)
Ch. Gounod “Faust” (1998, A.B.A.O., Bilbao, Spain)
G. Puccini “Il Trittico” (1997, Estonian National Opera)
G. Meyerbeer “Les Huguenots” (1999, A.B.A.O., Bilbao, Spain)
G. Verdi “Ernani” (2002, Estonian National Opera)
G. Rossini “The Barber of Seville” (2003, theatre “Vanemuine”, Estonia)
G. Rossini „Il Signor Bruschino” (2004, Estonian National Opera)
G. Verdi “Il Trovatore” (2008, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
W.A. Mozart „Cosi fan tutte“ (2009, Estonian National Opera)
G. Bizet “Carmen” (2012, Estonian National Opera)
G. Puccini “Turandot” (2012, Olavshallen, Trondheim, Norway)
J. Massenet “Werther” (2012, theatre Vanemuine, Estonia)


A. Põldmäe “Sirje or Depression in the Bar” (1997, Von Krahl Theatre & NYYD-Festival, Estonia)
M. Nyman “Letters, Riddles and Writs” &
L. Andriessen  “M is for Man, Music and Mozart” ( 1999, ETV, Von Krahl Theatre & NYYD-Group)
E. Tamberg “The Mirror-Play” (2002, Estonian National Opera)


A.L. Webber “Jesus Christ Superstar” (1992, Tallinn City Hall)
J. Styne “Sugar” (2000, Estonian National Opera)
J. Strauss “A Night in Venice” (2000, Estonian National Opera)
F. Lehar “The Merry Widow” (2002, Estonian National Opera)
K. Weill “You and Me” (2002, Vivat Musica)
E. John & T. Rice “Aida” (2003, Tartu Song Festival Grounds)
L. Keevallik & S. Kuntu „Sentimental Education” (2005, Von Krahl Theatre)
F. Loewe „My Fair Lady” (2008, Estonian National Opera)
J. Offenbach „Orpheus in the Underworld“ (2010, theatre“Vanemuine“, Estonia)


L. Bernstein “West Side Story” (1993, Tallinn City Hall)


“Macbeth” (1994, Estonian National Opera)
“Dedication” (1995, theatre “Vanemuine, Tartu, Estonia)
“The Selfish Fairy” (1996, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
“Lebenslauf” (1997, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
“Cats in Oil” (1998, Kaunas Music Theatre, Lithuania)
“The Passions of Giselle” (1999, Estonian National Opera)
“The Smell of Vegetables on a Cold Day” (2000, Von Krahl Theatre)
“Sabbatum” (2003, St.Kanut’s Guild Hall, Estonia)
“Exitus” (1998, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
“Ämberlund” (1999, Estonian National Opera)
“Undine” (2000, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
“Modigliani – the damned artist” (2012, Estonian National Ballet)


A. Tshekhov “The Three Sisters” – group work (1993, Estonian Drama Theatre)
A. Tshekhov “The Marriage Proposal” The (1993, Estonian Music Academy)
M. Karusoo “Circulus”group work (1993, open-air project at Pühajärve, Estonia)
J. M. Synge “The Playboy of the Western World” (1995, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
V. Luik “Damned Linden” (1996, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
P. S. Beagle “The Last Unicorn” (1996, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
T. Letts “Killer Joe” (1997, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
H. Raudsepp “The Last of the Europeans” (1997, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
J. Turkka “Connecting People” (2000, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
M. Ravenhill “Some Explicit Polaroids” (2001, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
J. Martin “Tshekhov & Show-business” (2001, Tallinn Town Theatre, Estonia)
S. Dietz “Planète Solitaire” (2001, Theatre de l`Orage, Beauvais, France)
I. S. Lilius “Oscar Alexander’s Christmas” (2002, VAT-Theatre, Estonia)
Von Krahl Theatre’s anniversary show “The Birthday” (2002, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
The Grimm brothers “The Snow-White” (2003, theatre “Vanemuine”, Estonia)
L. Cendrier “La Tétralogie” (2004, Vingtième Théâtre, Paris, France)
M.Gorki „Mother” (2005, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
W. Shakespeare „The Tempest” (2005, VAT-Theatre, Estonia)
Y. Tarantik „L’Ivresse des sens” (2006, Festival de la Fontaine, Château-Thierry, France)
S. Lebeau „L’Ogrelet” (2007, Compagnie Soleil Sous la Pluie, France)
C.S. Lewis „The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe“ (2008, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
T. Hussar „Kon-Tiki“ (2009, Käsmu beach, Estonia)


W. Shakespeare “King Lear” (1994, theatre “Vanemuine”, Tartu, Estonia)
T. Hussar, E. Õunapuu “The Immelmann Knot” (1995, Rakvere Theatre, Estonia)
M. Unt “People in the Sauna” (1999, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
M. Unt “Hot” (2002, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)


R. Piumini “Seme and the World” (1992, Estonian Puppet Theatre)
O. Wilde “The Young King” (1994, Rakvere Theatre, Estonia)
L. Carroll “Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There” (1995, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
H. Chr. Andersen “The Spruce” (1995, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
R. Agur “The Beginning Matter” (1996, Von Krahl Theatre, Estonia)
M. Ende “Neverending Story” (1998, Tartu Youth Theatre, Estonia)
P. Stewart “Gifts” (2002, VAT-Theatre, Estonia)
P. Stewart “A Little Bit  of Winter” (2003, Estonian Puppet Theatre)

“MULTIMEDIA” performances:

I. Stravinski “L’Histoire du Soldat” (1996, Von Krahl Theatre)
L. Keevallik “100 Years of Traviata” (1997, Von Krahl Theatre)
P. Jalakas, L. Keevallik “Estonian Games. Wedding” (1999, Von Krahl Theatre)
M. Unt “The Grail” (2001, Von Krahl Theatre)


Art direction of the short film by Ian Cottage “The Shoe Tree” (2003, Allfilm)
Art direction of  the animation film „The Pearl Man”,
short animation films „Conquistador” and „Crazy Hours” by Rao Heidmets (Nukufilm, 2004)
Art direction of the short film by Rainer Sarnet „The Elusive Wonder” (Von Krahl, 2005)
Art direction of the feature film by Rainer Sarnet „Where the Souls Go” (Exitfilm 2007)
Direction of 2 short amateur films in the Colina Laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark (2007)
Art direction of the TV-series “The Robinsons” 2002, TV3, in Malaysia
Art direction of a feature film by Elo Selirand „The Phantom of the Theatre” (2005, ETV)


The performance “100 Years of Traviata” (1997, Von Krahl Theatre)
The musical drama for set design “Sentimental Education” (2005, Von Krahl Theatre), with Sven Kuntu
Direction of a short film “The Coat” in the Colina Laboratory in Aarhus, Denmark (2007)
Creation of videos for the project “101″ (2008, Lisbon, Faro, Montemor, Portugal)
Direction of the docu-fiction “The Dream of Wiiralt” (2010, Paris), with Ene Rämmeld
Direction of the documentary “Romeo, Juliet and Jüri” for Estonian TV, Revolver Film (2011), with Karin Reinberg
Direction of  the TV ad for the opera “Carmen” for Estonian TV (2011)
Direction of the silent movie “Time WANTED” (2012), Kirbutsirkus/The Flea Circus, Estonia

a dancer in the dance performances „Lebenslauf” (Von Krahl Theatre 1997)
and  „Why Do Estonian Women Dance” (Kanut’s Guild Hall 2008)
a singer on the CD “As If The Woman Was Home” (2009)


Libretto for the opera (with T. Hussar) “Sirje or Depression in the Bar”
Text for the performance “Estonian Games. Wedding”
Text and direction of the performance “100 years of Traviata”
Words for the dance performances „Lebenslauf” and „Jusqu’ici tout va bien”
Additional text for the performance “The Grail”
Script for the film „The Elusive Wonder”
Script for the musical decoration drama (with S. Kuntu) „Sentimental Education”

MA thesis „The Alchemy of Stage Design”

PhD thesis “The Visual Figure in Playful Art Forms. Its Relation to a Myth”


Translation of the play “The Immelmann Knot” into English
Translation of “Les Violettes de Mercredi” by A. Maurois from French


Exhibitions: “Estonian Passions” 1995, Von Krahl Gallery, Estonia
“The Real Scenographer Tester” 1999, the Prague Quadrennial
“The Unknown Stage Designer” 2000, Rotermann Center, Estonia
“It’s Alright” 2002, The Winter Garden of Estonian National Opera
“Besides the stage” 2003, Endla Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia
exhibition for the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, 2008, Lille, France
design for the exhibition of Estonian contemporary art “Liberté/Vabadus 2011” in the Castle of Asnières, France


Wall paintings of the restaurant “Argentina” in Tallinn, Estonia
Club “Pirate” in Tallinn, Estonia
Night club “Terrarium” Tallinn, Estonia
The house of Von Krahl, Tallinn, Estonia


Windows for the ABC King stores in Tallinn 1994-1997
The visual concept of international theatre festivals “Baltoscandal” 1998 and 2000 (Rakvere, Estonia)
Design for the New Year Balls of Estonian National Opera 2003-2006


Several theatre posters and ads ( mostly for Von Krahl Theatre, 1995-2003)
Graphic concept for the poetry club „Narcisse”





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