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The playful arts festival
On May 22–23 at Von Krahl Theatre and Russian Theatre


The World is a Bundle of Nerves

May Lily Days, the festival of playful arts, celebrates its 8th anniversary this year. Cooperation between artists and scientists that was initiated last year at the Mektory innovation centre of Tallinn University of Technology continues in full swing.

The keyword of this year’s festival is tolerance. Strange things have been happening with tolerance lately – in Estonia as well as in the wide world. The one who cannot stand humour chooses to kill the joker, the one who’s straight tries to press the square „back into the closet“, the other beheads representatives of different faith and the third sends refugees back to the hotbed of war… The world is a nervous wreck.

May Lily Days approach this subject from every possible angle. Different appearances of tolerance are under close examination – from a strangely behaving relative and a wrong-coloured animal to a repulsive smell coming from neighbour’s apartment and a bluish boiled egg. Experiments take place where white turns black.

Following questions are thrown into air:

What happens when an explicit man meets an ambiguous subject?

What happens when a weirdly shaped bench meets a normal buttock?

What happens when a tolerant bloodhound meets a weird sweater?


The ones who explore the subject are: Silja Saarepuu and Villu Plink; Mart Kampus; the groupments Nagu Naine Oleks Kodus (Mari-Liis Roos, Maria Hansar, Katrin Essenson, Liina Keevallik) and Ringhold (Eleonora and Kalle Tikas); musicians of MKDK (Raul Keller, Heiki Tikas, Pearu Helenurm, Tarvo-Kaspar Toome, Siim Soop, Jaan Pehk and others) and Estonian Bad Dream Big Band; Jüri Shestakov; Minna Hint; Rao Heidmets and Andrei Hvostov.

For the first time, as the subject is global, the festival opens its doors to foreign performers. The playful artists Delphine Manoury, Justine Schmitt and Ene Rämmeld join us from France, and Dakh Daughters, a seven-member band of actresses from Ukraine give a spectacular concert-performance.

The festival takes place on May 22–23 at Von Krahl Theatre &
on May 23 at 7 pm the concert-performance of Dakh Daughters takes place at the Russian Theatre.

Ticket prices: 4€-40€
Advance ticket sale:
More detailed information:

Festival curators: Katrin Essenson and Liina Keevallik.
Festival organizers: MTÜ Kultuurikatel, MTÜ Kirbutsirkus; co-organizers: Von Krahl Theatre and the Russian Theatre.
Contributor: The Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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