May Lily Days 2014

Interdisciplinary performing art festival
May Lily Days 2014
17th of May in TTÜ Mektory
24th of May in Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Theme: Making use
May Lily Days and the time where all artists can swing through the branches of a very versatile art festival and do anything they have not dared to do before is here again. This time with a bold proposal to the artists – they will be faced with scientists and techies, the potential creators of all dreams.

In the beginning of the local advertisement era there was a question in every newspaper: „What happens when dog food and science meet?“ and the answer was right there in bold – “Pedigree Pal”. For this year’s May Lily Days we would like to ask as well: „What happens when the genius of downtown basements meets the thinker from the forests of Mustamäe?“

May Lily Days will take the first step on the renaissance road along the horizon and ask: „How to be a useful artist (for the society)?“ In the land of education it would be a cornerstone for the „alchemy department“, a road to the so-called fifth element that possesses all the other key elements  and produces versatile and efficient people. Smells like the creative industries? Certainly, but on a larger scale of the definition.

May Lily Days will not look for a way to sell cute mittens with the help of science. But they will research the possible scenarios renewing the social space and will see art as an enterprise in the economy model rather than a business. This enterprise would serve as a creative boiling pot for art, science and business to use the the little lotman-like explosions in a purposeful way. The final results will be heard and seen in Kanuti Gildi SAAL.

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