The festival of playful arts
0n 27th of May

May Lily Days turns 10 years old.
Since the Song Festival Grounds choir stand and the City Hall are in need of renovation, we will rent a bus and drive wherever we want.

You can get on behind Linnahalli (City Hall) Statoil on 27 May 17:00. Warm bands at Von Krahl Bar at 21:00. HOP ON!

Ad made by one and only Tencu: http://tencu.vjestonia.com/

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An excerpt from Jaan Kaplinski‘s article “Put Estonia Up for Auction” subtitled “Flea for National Insect”:

…Estonia already has its national flower, the national bird, the national stone and the national human, but there is no national fish, no national mollusc, no national mushroom and no national insect. Now the workgroup of environmental officers and nature conservation activists are busy filling this gap. First they decided to choose the national insect, who, as we may have guessed, turned out to be the flea – the indigenous companion of the country folk and the hero of many stories and songs, such as “Kirp kiigel” (A Flea on the Swing). A restless flea rustling in the leg hair is after all an integral part of Saturday night idyll together with a sauna, a tankard and a fresh birch whisk. Of course, as a national insect the flea is now legally protected. In order to alleviate the discomfort caused by the national insect, affecting especially the people with more sensitive skin, the genetic engineers have been tasked with breeding a species of flea that would bite only people who speak a language other than Estonian and would leave the Finno-Ugric and Germanic blood Estonians in peace. For this they need to transfer the genes of some of our national politicians into the flea genome. They are already working towards this at the University of Tartu. It is also worth mentioning that our national insect the flea will also finally help us fill in a gap for the national institutions. We have the national theatre, the national opera, the national library, the national men choir, the national university, but we do not have the national circus for the state budget has lacked funds for this thus far. This problem is eliminated now, of course, as the flea circus will be our national circus. Due to its low cost we can now open a circus in every city and every rural community centre, even at larger schools. And hopefully this day will come soon when our progress in flea breeding and training allows us to substitute our national theatre with a flea theatre and our national parliament with a flea parliament.
There are no limits to the abilities of the flea!
Full text (in Estonian) – http://jaan.kaplinski.com/opinions/rahvuslikku.html

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